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100% Mulberry Silk---luxurious softness and lustrous beauty, and it is warm and cosy in winter and comfortably cool when temperatures rise.These advantages have rightly earned its reputation as the queen of fabrics.

We spin Silk 5NM/2, Silk 20NM/2 and Silk 120NM/2 in orgainc natural white and all of them take color well, wash easily; and is easy to work with in hand dying, spinning, weaving, knitting , sewing as well.

Avaliable on 1 KG cones and 50g skeins!!!
Undyed Silk 5
Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk
Yardage: 150meters per 50gram
Needles: US3-5

Undyed Silk 20
Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk
Yardage: 500meters per 50gram
Needles: US #0

Undyed Silk 120
Composition: 100% Mulberry Silk
Yardage: 3000meters per 50gram
Needles: US3-5

After hand dyeing by our customers:

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